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Cambridge Public School, Govindpur silhauri Naubatpur. Established in 2006 run by the Bright Educational & Welfare Society.

The school has prospered over the years into one of the premier educational institution of Bihar.

The school envisions is to develop a knowledge based society with clarity of thoughts and clarity in deeds committed to serve humanity with integrity. The aim of Cambridge Public School is to offer holistic education empowering the youth to be leaders of tomorrow, men and women of competence and conscience diligence and discipline.

Cambridge Public School, Govindpur silhauri Naubatpur, Patna (Bihar) is day scholar English medium School. It runs Under the "Bright Educational and Welfare society".

The school is recognized by CBSE.
Affiliation No.: 330266
Affiliation with the board since : 2010
Extension of affiliation upto : Senior Secondary

NOC Information:

NOC from State
NOC No.: 491
NOC Issuing Date : 30/06/2009


The Cambridge Public School (C.P.S.) regards educations as a process by which a Child is moulded into an emotionally, physically healthy, intellectually objective and spiritually conscious indivisual who can fruitfully and happily live in society with others.

The school seeks to make its students aware of these concerns and responsibilities through a well-designed program of formal and informal education.

The school holds the views that academic qualification alone does not make an individual true educated. Through its co-curricular and extra-curricular programs.