Director's Desk

- D. Kumar

" By virtue of my position as a 'Founder-cum-Director' of CPS, I owe certain obligatory responsiblities. As being fully involved in teaching profession since more than a decade, I am with my varied educational experiences, I feel it essential to express my own views related to Education.

This is a great question that stands posed before humanity at large - "What should education mean?" The mistaken view that most parents and most of the young have above education is that it is just a means for livelihood - a means to equip for a career or for profession. True it is to a certain extent that more professionalism is gaining ground among teachers as well as among students and education is considered to be just a means and not an end itself. It is generally found that the young mind is entering a course of education only for the sake of earning a decent living and to lead a high profile life, if one can. Those who fail to make to this high up in life have to feel contented with something lesser and education seems to be meaningless for them.

So the question does knock at our doors to ask us, 'What education actually means and what it should actually do with the young mind?'

We should accept the reality that education should be such as to equip our young men and women with the qualification and the competence to earn a respectable living, But a respectable living does not only mean a fat salary and a lavish life style - it means something more and something beyond it too.

Education must go together - with basic human values and teachers must must set an example for their students through action and deeds, not merely by words. There should be equal stress on developing the mind and developing a 'warm heart'. Education should be used to bring more happiness and meaning into life, to narrow the gap between perception and reality, to draw out or develop the faculties of the mind and not to load the memory with knowledge. Such education will be constructive and beneficial for the society. There is need to develop a sense of caring for one another, a sense of belonging to the community, a sense of respect for each other. This is what education really need to do and that is what real education is "Sa Vidya Ya Vimuktaye" - that is 'education which liberates'.

It is justified that an educated man is not so much a man of learning, as a man whose intelligence has been awakened, and whose powers of observation, reasoning and thought have trained. The object of education is practical - it is to teach us how to make the best use of our faculties.

I conclude my views with the words - "Education does not mean a super imposition of knowledge or idea, it is a stimulus to thought." "