Be Strong, Free and Educated.



CPS envisages an institution that imparts holistic education to boys and girls to become responsible citizens of their motherland, India.

It assists the young people to develop themselves intellectually, physically and culturally while encouraging them to grow holistically on totality of body, mind and spirit in virtue and wisdom.

It inculcates in them sound principles of self discipline, efficiency, self-reliance and prepares them to excel in the CBSE examinations.

The School trains them to become dutiful sons and daughters and useful citizens of their motherland, India.

As a credence community, CPS strives to provide each student with a rich academic background, an appropriate sense of self, an opportunity for growth, a commitment to family, community, nation and world, and a respect for the spiritual dignity of all persons.


Our mission is to provide young minds a kind of platform which could result in their overall development as an individual.

School is not just about coming to class and attending those 5-7 periods. We want to teach them about the most important thing and that is "life". We want to inculcate them with values and ethics and enhance their academics, social and sporting skills.

It is true that what you will learn, you will eventually forget but what should stay with these minds is an excellent base and foundation upon which all their future development will depend. Every single student has some talent and potential to do something great in his life. And that is what our motto is "transforming potentiality into reality". And that is what CPS has been doing from past and will continue to do the same in future also.

Cambridge Public School offers its young not only professional qualification but also an integral human education, the possibility of building up his or her life in a matured human way and an opportunity to collaborate in bringing about a more just and human society.It aims at the integral and social growth of a person, by bringing him or her to an encounter with his or her cultural, humanistic and technical heritage. It attains its goals through the style, spirit and educational method of Don Bosco, the preventive system, based on reason, religion and loving kindness.

We seek to form the young through education into men and women of character, competence, conscience, compassion and commitment who will foster uprightness in public life.